Video Contest Voting

Studying abroad is expensive.  Especially when you have no help from your University.  That is why I used my knowledge and skills as a photojournalist to create a video to submit to’s annual video contest.  The grand prize is a $4,000 scholarship for any study abroad trip.  I learned today that there is a second grand prize of $500 for the video that wins “viewers choice”.  In order to win this prize, I need to collect as many votes as possible in the next week.  This is where you come in.  I need your help.  Like we have been hearing for the last year in the Presidential election, I need your vote. (side note, any one who can and is able should vote in the presidential election no matter how annoying and tiring the campaigns are).  All you need to do for this specific vote is just follow the link, click vote on the bottom right hand side of the image, and confirm your email.  You can even watch the video if you really want to.  I would appreciate any and all support for this, and like always, thanks for looking.

Elizabeth Held


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