First Week

It’s been one week since I landed in South Korea!  It was ironically love at first site on Valentines Day when my group and I took the semi-long bus ride from the airport to Yonsei University campus.  Since we landed a week ago, I already feel like I have lived here a month.  We have seen Hongdae, and Gwanghwamun Palace gates, sang at a noribong (karaoke), made tons of friends, toured the DMZ (check out the separate post for that), and much much much more!  Can I just say I am extremely proud of myself?  I tend to be very sheepish and shy when it comes to my photography and shooting/gathering content, etc.  But since being in Seoul and being around such wonderful people, I have found this hidden punch of something that makes me see in a whole new way that couldn’t be taught in a class room.  Here are a few selects from this week.


20130220_sk_edit-8 20130220_sk_edit-11

History of War in Korea Museum20130220_sk_edit-12 20130220_sk_edit-13 20130220_sk_edit-14

Ewha Womans University20130220_sk_edit-18

Insadong20130220_sk_edit-20 20130220_sk_edit-21

Tteok (rice cake) Museum20130220_sk_edit-22

Woman wearing a traditional Honbok20130220_sk_edit-23

Traditional Market20130220_sk_edit-24 20130220_sk_edit-25 20130220_sk_edit-26 20130220_sk_edit-27 20130220_sk_edit-28

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  1. mom said:

    absolutely amazing! So glad you are using your photography skills everyday…keep up the great work!

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