Week II

The second week of orientation here in Korea was a long one.  I remember telling someone that I was here for three weeks, then realizing when organizing my photos that it has only been two weeks.  Monday the CIEE group left Seoul and went to Gyeongju which is just a little north of the city of Pusan on the Southeast corner of the peninsula.  Here, the Silla Kingdom grew to become one of the world’s longest sustained dynasties and Gyeongju (the capital of the Silla Kingdom) was one of the largest cities in the world during the 5th Century.  The city is now a small country town, but is filled with some of the richest history I have ever seen.  Roads, bike paths, and hiking trails are littered with Buddhist, and Shamanistic shrines and temples that have been declared national treasures for their ancient perfection and contribution to the development in Korean spiritual and technological history.  This place is Korea at it’s finest and I am so honored that I got to experience it and meet the people who still worship and honor the faith the same way their ancestors did.  Thanks for looking.

20130301_sk-2 20130301_sk-3

The Buddha vs. Mountain Spirit (Buddhism vs. Shamanism)20130301_sk-4  20130301_sk-5 20130301_sk-7 20130301_sk-8 20130301_sk-9 20130301_sk-10 20130301_sk-11 20130301_sk-12 20130301_sk-13

An ancient burial site made into a park and public worshiping space.20130301_sk-14 20130301_sk-15

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  1. mom said:

    wow…once again you amaze me with your talent both in explaining to us about where you’re visiting and the photos you’re taking…miss you! glad you’re having an awesome time! Mom

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