It is week six for me here in Korea.  A lot of things have happened these last few days.  I attended Seoul Fashion Week this past Friday which was the first fashion event I have ever attended, started my volunteer job at the Sarang School for the disabled, spent quality time with new friends, and North Korea continued to threaten the South with active war.  Though the Korean peninsula is constantly on the verge of crumbling, civilians in the South continue with their every day activities with ease.  Here are a few selects from the weekend.  Thanks for looking!

p.s. Me and my classmates as well as every South Korean in Seoul  and elsewhere are doing great and are in good care!  The news you may be hearing about North Korea can be scary, but please know that we have been reassured of our safety by many accredited sources and my supervisors are keeping watch of the situation in case of any emergencies.


Friday I had the privilege to hang around Seoul Fashion Week for a few hours.  I didn’t have the chance to see the runway show, but Seoul Fashion Week is completely open to the public and very affordable allowing everyone able the opportunity to experience their designers.

20130331_sk_edited-1 20130331_sk_edited-2 20130331_sk_edited-3 20130331_sk_edited-4 20130331_sk_edited-5 20130331_sk_edited-6

I also started volunteering at a small school for disabled students.  The Sarang school not only teaches classroom subjects, but also Korean cultural ethics, cooking, art, and much more.  I am very excited to continue working with them over the semester.20130331_sk_edited-7 20130331_sk_edited-8 20130331_sk_edited-9

A quick subway ride20130331_sk_edited-10


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