Seoul Photo and Imaging Expo!

A few of my friends and I got to visit the Seoul Photo and Imaging Expo and it was incredible!  I was a kid in a candy store and found myself literally frozen with my mouth dropped at some of the things I got to see and try.  At one point I was jumping up and down when I got to see a row of dSLR’s taking 3D images.  I’v never been to a photo expo before, but I could tell this one had it’s Korean flare.  Here are just a few shots I made.  Enjoy!

20130409_sk_edited-10 20130409_sk_edited-8


Got to play with this beauty20130409_sk_edited-9and dis..


This was a very Korean thing that I noticed.  Now, I’m not sure if this happens at American expos, or other expos around the world, but here in Seoul, there were tons of beautiful women posing with hardware.  With the strong emphasis on beauty here, seeing this was no surprise.20130409_sk_edited-12

So much fun to watch these as they came out.20130409_sk_edited-13 20130409_sk_edited-14

Light from COEX Mall in Gangnam outside the expo.20130409_sk_edited-15


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