Buddha’s Birthday Weekend

I am finally getting the chance to post a few photos from this past weekend.  Buddha’s Birthday is a national holiday which called school off!  The first long weekend of the semester and it was a beautiful friday, Saturday and Sunday not so much.  I spent Friday walking around Seoul capturing the people and places most active with festivities.  My search took me to a large Buddhist temple right outside my University on Ansan Mountain.  This was one of the most beautiful sights I have seen yet in Korea.  The amount of people young and old gathered together to pray and celebrate the Buddha along with Monks singing chants for the whole mountain to hear.  It was wonderful.  Saturday and Sunday I spent with a few friends on a small island outside Seoul.  The weather wasn’t on our side, but we made the trip worth while nonetheless.  Thanks for looking.


20130522_sk_edited-1 20130522_sk_edited-2 20130522_sk_edited-3 20130522_sk_edited-4 20130522_sk_edited-5 20130522_sk_edited-6 20130522_sk_edited-7 20130522_sk_edited-8 20130522_sk_edited-9 20130522_sk_edited-10 20130522_sk_edited-11 20130522_sk_edited-12 20130522_sk_edited-13

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  1. sue said:

    Hi Liz…love your pictures. The country is so beautiful, so rich in color and tradition. Miss you. Enjoy your last few weeks. It’s an experience of a lifetime! love, Sue

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