This summer I have been home in Athens Ohio working for Ohio University Communications and Marketing.  It rolls at a slow moving pace compared to my life in Korea, but I enjoy being back in Athens.  Here are some things I’ve seen.  Thanks for looking.

20130705_construction_EH_0004Campus construction

20130705_construction_EH_0036 20130705_construction_EH_0078Canons for the Fourth

20130716_green_detail_EH_0067 20130716_green_detail_EH_0243 20130718_BSO_EH_0132Bobcat Student Orientation

20130730_clip_EH_0001The red room

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  1. Hi Elizabeth, Was checking out your blog and the photos — enjoyed immensely the words about my alma mater Glouster, Ohio. I earned my BSJ from OU many years ago and worked in newspapers for about 12 years. I took a course in editorial writing and did a series on Glouster and its decline. Also, one night I took a photo at midnight looking down the main street of Glouster. It was at a slow speed — I think… I set a tripod up to do the shot. I was taking a photo class at OU and needed a night shot (black and white). It was dramatic. However, unfortunately I have lost it over the years. Your work is great. You have a nice way of writing. Best of luck in your career! I eventually moved into PR and writing for health care agencies. I graduated from Glouster High in 1959. Don Holbert was in my class.

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