I almost completely forgot that I had a blog.  I have been so focused on my last fall semester at Ohio University.  This was the most challenging and rewarding semester of my college career and I have to thank my teachers, peers, and friends for that.  Thank you for the lessons, thank you for the invaluable feedback, and thank you for a great four years.  Here are a few selects from every story I worked on this semester.  You can also find more on my website – elizabethheld.samexhibit.com

thanks for looking

20131120_proj4__0447 20131120_proj4__0114 20131120_proj4__0069 20131115_proj4__0179 20131102_proj3_bioclass_EH_0154 20131025_proj2_game2_0239 20131025_proj2_game2_0006 20131007_proj2_portraits_0034 20131007_proj2_portraits_0029 20130927_proj2_game_0424 20130927_proj2_game_0124 20130923_proj2_stadium_0118 20130901_Shade_0382 20130901_Shade_0333 wet, Chauncey, Ohio


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